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Corporate Information

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President and Representative Director Ryotatsu Nawashiro

Our goal is to provide services

that look ahead to cooperation

between nursing and medical care.

By 2025, which is right around the corner, one out of every three people will be elderly.SUNWELS Co., Ltd. is taking new steps forward to make this very aging society a better place to live.

Under our mission of “Bringing Evolution and Change to Nursing Care Services,” we have been working tirelessly to create new facilities and services. The PD House, specializing in Parkinson’s disease, is one such initiative. We are also unique in that many of our users have incurable diseases or are severely disabled.

We are currently engaged in innovative research with doctors in specialized fields, medical institutions, and major companies in different industries, including a collaborative research project with Juntendo University. Going forward, we plan to open facilities nationwide and use the big data obtained from these facilities to create services with ever higher quality. These initiatives are aimed toward the “collaboration of future nursing and medical care,” and we continue to take on the daily challenge of creating the nursing care services of the future.

The roots of this type of initiative lie more than 20 years in the past. Between the ages of 19 and 24, before I jumped into the nursing industry, I was in and out of the hospital due to a serious illness. During that period, when I had just gone out into the real world with ambition and expectation, I couldn’t get a regular job. During my long struggle with the disease, I was depressed and gloomy every day, thinking, “Why am I the only on struggling like this?”Even in those dark times, I still remember a moment in one hospital when I felt incredibly happy and uplifted up by the smiles of the nurses, who were always cheerful and positive.

I learned then that “people can be happy even if they are sick or disabled.”When I turned 26, and my body was recovering, I chose the nursing care industry and started my own business as I wanted to support people who were sick or disabled like I was. However, when I actually started operating the facility, I realized that the nursing staff was exhausted due to inadequate compensation and working environment, and that the users were not satisfied with the available services as they were all basically the same. We decided to create a comfortable working environment for our staff and to create a quality services that are rarely seen in the community, which became the Company’s philosophy and mission.

Indeed, there are still improvements to be made, but we feel that we are making steady progress. SUNWELS Co., Ltd. will continue to evolve and change to pursue true user satisfaction and to create a workplace where employees are rewarded for their efforts and personal growth, a place where they can shine.

Ryotatsu Nawashiro President & CEO

Let yourself shine and energize others

We believe that many of the users we meet have physical discomfort. And because of this, some may feel their hearts sinking in despair. We aim to uplift the hearts of our users through nursing care.

The body may no longer work as it once did, and these diseases may be alleviated but never completely cured. But does that mean we must spend the rest of our lives with hearts sunken in darkness?

We believe that the mind can be energized even when the body doesn’t move as it used to. For this reason, we, as caregivers, must not be gloomy and pessimistic.

In order to support our customers to shine and live as they are, we need to improve ourselves through this career path to shine and live as we are! When our employees shine, our users’ hearts shine even brighter.

We at SUNWELS Co., Ltd. are contributing to the future of the community through welfare.

Making the Welfare Workplace More Attractive

At SUNWELS, our services represent our dreams and our pride, and we challenge ourselves to create an industry that everyone can aspire to be a part of.

Bringing Evolution and Change to Nursing Care Services

We at SUNWELS Co., Ltd. challenge ourselves to provide better services from users’ points of view without being bound by the conventional wisdom of nursing care.

Creating the Future
Nurturing people

Through work, we at SUNWELS Co., Ltd. challenge ourselves to create Radiant People who think creatively and act independently.